Real estate is a business and just like any other business, the tools of marketing are integral to gaining clientele and prospects. Since many of the real estate clientele are investors, it is highly-important to get the pitch right and done smartly. A seller or buyer of property isn’t going to engage in your services if they cannot see any benefit or advantages and that’s why your marketing platforms and campaigns have to be clever. The Dos and Don’ts in real estate marketing is integral to running a successful real estate agency and these can impact upon whether you gain quality clientele and prospects.

The Dos:


  • Gaining your audience’s attention is important; grab their attention through effective, smart advertising. Quick statistics or aesthetically-appealing advertisements work or utilise a powerful slogan and attention-grabbing words.


  • An enticing offer that stands out from the crowd and appeals to a prospective client is optimum; convey the benefit that you offer to the client which will hard for them to refuse.


  • Advertising across various platforms helps too, not simply marketing on the traditional ones. Real estate needs to be fresh and up-to-date and marketed on multiple platforms so that it gains traction to various target audiences. Be unique with your advertising and stand out from the crowd!


  • Speaking of audiences, it is also optimal to target your product with a specific audience in mind and aim to appeal to them with your slogan, aesthetics and offer. Clearly state what the enticing offer is and how is can benefit your prospective client; avoiding deception of what the real offer is means you are more likely to gain the trust of your target audience.


  • Testing reliable marketing tools and strategies with smaller niche markets prior to launching the large-scale campaign can aid in gaining plenty of insight into the value of the expenditure for the larger-scale promotions. Marketing even when you don’t actually require the new clientele is a good idea as well; that way you have a prospective client base ready to roll for when you do need new prospects.


The Don’ts

When marketing your real estate agency or properties, there are some Don’ts that are wise to follow.

  • Being succinct is an advantage so not listing all of the plethora of products and services you offer is wise. Your advertisement will be too ‘busy’ and not succinct or with a stand-out message if you go into too much detail. In getting to the point, designing your advertisements in a way that means the audience has to see the whole thing or read the whole ad just to get the idea and understand your offer is not optimum.


  • Don’t only market your agency or properties across traditional mediums which everyone else is doing; get your message and brand out there in as many places as possible to increase your probability of gaining clientele and prospects.


  • Try not to over-generalise your marketing so that it appeals to everyone; you need targeted marketing for specific audiences so that it can be truly effective.


  • Avoid providing negativity or negative consequences as that will put prospective clientele off and they will avoid your business.


  • Lastly, don’t overlook your current client base; marketing to them to maintain their custom is equally important as gaining new prospects.