How to use a Bluetooth adapter for a printer?

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    Printer Align 10 months ago

    If you want to convert your wired printers to a wireless one, then you can buy a Bluetooth adapter for printer to do the conversion. Here are the steps to add a bluetooth adapter to your printer:-


    1. Connect the Bluetooth adapter to the USB port of the printer and turn on your Bluetooth of the device from the control panel.

    2. The Bluetooth software will start installing as soon as the printer detects the hardware.

    3. Enable Bluetooth on the device to make sure that the external adapter is working fine.

    4. Then search for the printer and click on Pair Device to pair it with the printer.

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    Gabriel Handelman 7 months ago

    Some printers have a built-in Bluetooth feature that you can enable from the printer’s control panel or settings. Other printers require a Bluetooth dongle or adapter that you can plug into the printer’s USB port or cable.

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    John Pery 4 months ago

    To use a Bluetooth adapter for a printer, follow these steps:

    • Plug the Bluetooth adapter into the printer's USB port.
    • Turn on the printer and ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on your computer or mobile device.
    • Pair your computer or mobile device with the Bluetooth adapter.
    • Install any necessary printer drivers on your computer or mobile device if you haven't already.
    • Select the Bluetooth-enabled printer as the default printer in your device's settings.
    • Print a test page to ensure the connection is working properly.

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