The real estate market is very competitive so when you put your house on the market it needs to look its best.

Before potential buyers come to view your property there are some easy and affordable ways to jazz up your home inside and out to make it stand out from the others in the area that are for sale.

Let’s get that sold sign on the front lawn as soon as possible!


Tidy Up And Remove Personal Items

Buyers won't want to see your folded up laundry, kid's science project in progress and papers and documents all over the desk. By putting all these personal items away in drawers the appearance of the rooms will be much tidier and attractive. 


Fresh Flowers

Nothing can brighten up a home more than fresh flowers. You don't need to spend a bomb on florals. You can even pick some blooms from your own garden and arrange a few vases around your home. Beautiful!


Sweet Scents

Subtly please the senses with a scented candle or some aromatherapy oils. Enhancing the viewing experience in small ways can add up to big gains. Citrus wafting through the rooms will give a warm feeling of calmness. 


Mow The Lawn

Get the front lawn looking neat and manicured to perfection to make a great first impression as soon as the buyers come up the driveway. A quick tidy up of any overgrown plants and removal of weeds will be a great idea too.  It will only take an hour but will make a huge difference.


Lighting and Music

The power of music shouldn't be overlooked. You don't want to blast the sounds. Just have some low music playing in the background that is pleasant to listen to. The potential buyers will feel uplifted and positive as they inspect what is hopefully their new home. 


These helpful hints will boost the chances of you selling your home quickly and surely will impress your real estate agent. You are making their job much easier too!


If you want to go all out and do everything you can to make a sale and get a great return you should consider home staging. Companies offering home staging services will give your home a mini make-over by supplying furniture and home décor styling for a set duration of time.


The professional home stager will style your home to suit the architecture, home interiors and current trends. It helps buyers imagine what a home would could like with new furniture and some interior decorating magic.


If your home is empty it can be a dramatic and impressive transformation.


It is a big investment to do home staging but it often increases the sale value of the house and gets fast sales. So the return on your investment can be great.


Good luck with the sale and we are sure the keys will be in the hands of the new owners before you know it.